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February 3, 2012
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He desperately wanted to do this, ever since he'd seen how Gamzee's face lit up when he'd opened the video URL Nepeta had sent him over Trollian three weeks ago, but Tavros had only just worked up the courage to interject on the 8-hour long marathon of looped other-worldly video and ask how the steps went. Tavros wanted to impress his matesprit. He wanted to be able to turn Gamzee's gaze away from the screen, to offer him that same lightheartedness in real life, even if he felt more than a little embarrassed. And foolish. And the music drowned out Rufio's voice, making him--oh, who was he kidding? He couldn't do this!

"...and your hands go here, Tav, just like this." Gamzee once again moved Tavros like a artist's figurine, taking the caramel blush in stride as Tavros bit his lip in worry, desperate to try and remember though his patience was worn thin. After positioning him, the indigo blood backed into his place beside Tavros, easily mimicking the pose with a fluid hand. How Gamzee did that, Tavros felt he'd never understand.

The highblood moved like water, easy and free, like each joint was simply a spot with no restrictions that he could swivel to the beat. Tavros, on the other hand, could feel every tense restriction his body gave him, from the ball bearings of his hip to the natural bend of his elbows. It wasn't the same, no matter what he did. "S-show me again, Gamz-zee?" he asked, stuttering out of nervousness. "Again?" Gamzee repeated, eyes losing their haziness just a little in concern for Tavros, sure he'd have picked up on it by now. "A-again."

Shrugging, Gamzee took his time and reached a neutral position, ready for whatever stanza came next and prepared to dance along. The husktop had been dutifully providing the looped video, up for Tavros' ease of watching, and now became a source of vain jealousy. That human seemed to do it so easily; what made him so different.

"You don't really want to do this, don't you?" Gamzee asked softly, having moved from where Tavros had last seen him. "Wh-what makes you, um, th-think that, Gamzee?" asked Tavros as he wrung his wrists softly. "Well, because I just did the dance and you were too busy looking at Kyary Pamyu Pamyu to notice, motherfucker."

Pouting, Tavros cast his saddened chocolate eyes to the floor and toed the carpet fretfully. The look alone was enough to make Gamzee blush from beside him. "What makes you want to ask in the first place, Tav? If you did't want to do it, why ev--" "I wanted to i-impress you, that's all!" Tavros whined, sounding on the verge of tears as his frustrations finally spilled over the rim of his patience. "I wanted to be cute and pretty l-like the human girl you watch, so I could just j-join you when you get up to d-dance, and maybe you'd think I'm c-cute too, not that I'm seeking attention o-or anything like that, because you g-give me plenty of attention, that is to s-say, you treat me very w-well as a matesprit, I just--"

The fumbling stutters were quickly silenced by a kiss to Tavros' lips, warm and sweet with a tiny tang of orange Faygo that left him feeling proud for some reason he couldn't quite comprehend. "Bro, you don't need to learn that shitty dance just to get my attention," Gamzee cooed sweetly, brow resting against Tavros' with a crooked grin. "I could care less, you're pretty kawaii to me, bro." With a soft chuckle, he caught Tavros' hand from their nervous wringing and pressed it to his own chest. "See that?" he asked, "Doki doki!"

Giggling, Tavros blushed, nodding. He was loved, that was enough. Besides he couldn't dance for his life.

"Yeah, d-doki doki..."
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